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Yokohama (Japan), 14-15.11.2020 Men 10.000m heat 7 1 Ledama Kisaisa (ken) 28:09.30; 2 Keigo Yano 28:29.59; 3 Hayato Imae 28.53.36; 4 Kazuki Ouchi 28:57.85; 5 Yuki Endo 28:58.01 not complete 10.000m heats results due to the weather Women 3.000m heat 6 1 Yui Yabuta 9:13.16; 2 Sora Nobuzakura (2001) 9:13.79; 3 Nanami Watanabe 9:13.81; 4 […]


Stranded South Sudan Olympics Bound Athletes Still Smiling

The Olympics postponement and covid-19 lockdown everywhere has dealt a heavy blow on the South Sudan athletes who evaded their country to train in Maebashi, Japan in preparation for postponed Tokyo Olympics. The city of Maebashi decided to host a South Sudan athletes as a training assistance as part of it’s effort to promote peace […]