See What Lockdown Has Done To My Coach/ Husband-Australian World Javelin Champion Kelsey- Lee

The lockdown has turn-up different scenarios at the door of family of an Australian World Javelin Champion Kelsey-Lee and her husband-coach Mike Barber in Australia.

The lockdown suddenly annointed Barber to be inevitable her wife physio and masseur, in addition as her coach.

Mike was able to stepped in as a part-time masseur by receiving manual therapy tips via telehealth from Kelsey’s regular physio, Ben Raysmith, who is unable to treat the 28-year-old javelinist because of Covid-19 restrictions.

“I’ve found it a more helpful (being around Mike even more),” she explains. “Although initially, we had to make some changes. The most difficult thing was I had this blurry line between training and home time – because it was only a five metre walk to training! I had to make sure I kept that level of professionalism and put together a timetable for the week – it was a bit like going back to primary school.

“This has been really helpful because it distinguishes training from home. I spend so much time with Mike in the house together, it is important we spend some time for ourselves.”

But Mike seems to enjoyed all the challenges thrown at him during this period.

“This period has not been harder or easier, it is just different,” says Mike. “The key thing for both us has been getting some downtime. For me it might be going out on the mountain bike and for Kelsey it has been about pursuing her passion for cooking.

“Personally, as a coach I’ve taken time to recharge the batteries. It has been good for my mental health as it also has been the same for some the other Australian coaches I’ve spoken to.”

The 2019 campaign was without question the Annus Mirabilis for Kelsey. During an unforgettable year she added more than three metres to her PB – firing the javelin to a best of 67.70m – claimed three Diamond League podiums and struck World Championship gold with a best of 66.56m.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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