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Isreali Gym-Goers Beaming In Smile

Following two months of home workouts and training in the streets, some gym-goers could not wait to return to their new-look workouts as Isreal gym are now opened.

In accordance with Health Ministry regulations, all customers are required to fill in a health declaration and have their temperature checked before entering. Many treadmills and machines have been sealed off to ensure greater distances between gym users.

Keren Shtevy, the chief executive of Holmes Place in Israel, said that all 50 branches of the fitness chain opened at 6 a.m.. While the number of users has decreased, Shtevy said those opting to train felt very safe. Users are requested to register via a smartphone application prior to arriving, ensuring that there is room for them under strict crowding limits.

“For the last two months, the media has stressed that everywhere is dangerous,” she said. “Now we are trying to make our customers relaxed and tell them everything is fine. The gym is a healthy place, not a dangerous place.”Shtevy said that she had noticed a significant change in gym behavior, with users cleaning all equipment and machines very thoroughly before and after use. People have been “trained so well during the past two months,” she joked.“For the company, as it was for the whole market, the past two months were very difficult.

The months were very difficult. The clubs were closed, we had no income and employees were on forced vacation,” Shtevy said.“People warned me against opening the clubs, but I think we should open them and return a feeling of safety. The gym is a safe place, it is safe and healthy to train. It is my duty to ensure that all people trust us, that we know what we are doing.”

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