Botswana Athletics And NOC Investigating Car Accident Involving Two Of Their Best Athletes

The Botswana National Olympics Commitee (NOC) and Athletics Association have launched an investigation into how two of their top athletes got themselve in a crash a week ago while staying in Botswana team hotel.

Almost 7 days ago now, Baboloki Thebe and Onkabetse Nkobolo was travelling in a car. According to the report from Mmegi Online, Thebe who was the driver and was reckless which resulted in the accident. He was later fined by the authority. But Nkobolo, who was a passenger, was hospitalised and later went for surgery as a result of the injury he sustained from that accident.

BNOC chief executive Tuelo Serufho said that hospital fees would be paid for by the Botswana Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, while a commission is investigating the circumstances of the accident.

“It is early for me to comment on the matter because the findings of the commission would give us direction”, Serufho said. 

“As we speak I do not want to preempt the investigations”.

The 23 years old Babaloki is a twice Africa 400m Champion with personal best of 44.02s which push him to all time 400m top 30. He’s is very strong member of Botswana 4×400m relay team, with Nkobolo won Commonwealth Games gold 2018.

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