Sebastian Coe Assured Olympics Game Will Not Be Postponed

If there is other name to called coronavirus, it will definitely be ‘agent of postponement’. With the gale of postponement of sporting events all of over the place; Marathon and now NBA and La Liga joining in. Now no body is sure which event will not be caught in the postponement webb.

In the interview with the AFP in Monaco on Thursday, the president of World Athletics Sebastian Coe was optimistic that the Olympics Game will go ahead.

“At the moment, it’s important our sport supports the International Olympic Committee, the public authorities in Japan and the local organising committee there, “our proposition is a very simple one and it is ‘We’ll be in Tokyo”, Coe said.

“We are working on the assumption that we will be in Tokyo where our sport will be able to flourish. I’m not sanguine or particularly cavalier about the situation, but our sport is in better shape than most because we have many more opportunities for our athletes to qualify,” he told AFP.

“We also have a qualification process that has now been up and running for 10 months so many athletes are already qualified. Where we identify athletes that are facing particular difficulties, maybe in a particular part of the world, then there are things we can do to help.”

Asked whether he could envisage the Olympics going ahead, but with no spectators, Coe refused to be drawn.


By discernsportblog

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