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1:44.74s From British Rowden {Results: Folksam (Göteborg) Grand Prix-29.8.2020}

Men 400m 1 Carl Bengström 46.40; 2 Rabah Yousif (gbr) 46.56; 3 Tobias lange (ger) 47.34; 4 Nick Ekelund-Arenander 47.37; 5 Felix Francois 47.70; 6 Gustav Lundholm Nielsen (den) 47.72; 7 Torben Junker (ger) 47.87 800m A 1 Daniel Rowden (gbr) 1:44.74; 2 Andreas Kramer 1:45.34; 3 Piers Copeland (gbr) 1:46.24; 4 Filip Sasinek (cze) […]


Reigning World Champion Stahl And Kim Amb Shot To The World Lead As Khaddi Also Shine In Karlstad

The reigning World Discus Champion quickly settled into his rhythm to throw a World leading mark of 68.10m in Discus at Folksam Grand Prix in Karlstad, Sweden early today. His Swedish team mate, Simon Petterson was also impressive with 66.90m throw. In the Javelin, Kim Amb is gradually coming out his shell to land a […]