Commonwealth Champion Neeraji Chopra Breaks India National Record

The third leg of India Grand Prix in the city of Patiala on Friday (5) did not end without a record. Not thanks to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Champion, Neeraji Chopra. The Asian Champion, Panipit- born Chopra has to wait till his fifth throw before he broke his national mark; threw 88.07m to win.

Chopra won the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, where he set a new Indian national record of 88.06m, and was flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

Chopra previously broke the Indian national javelin record in May 2018, at the Doha Diamond League, with a massive throw of 87.43m.

When he’s not competing, Chopra serves as a commissioned officer in the Indian armed forces. He trains with Uwe Hohn, one of the world’s most renowned coaches, in Finland. Chopra is eventually aiming to break the European lock on winning javelin medals.

“It’s mostly the European countries. Earlier there were Finland and the Czech Republic as well, who was doing really well. Now it’s the Germans,” he said. “But things have improved in India as well. If you see this year, Shivpal Singh has done well alongside Vipin Kasana. They have consistently been hitting 80m plus and that is a good sign. I try to be more consistent, with my throws, which helps me a lot”, Chopra explained.

Full Results:


400m Amoj Jacob 45.70 1h2; Sarthak Bhambri 47.11 2h2; Jashanjot Singh 47.19 1h3

400mh 1 Dharun Ayyasamy 51.04; 2 Aftab Alam 51.60

3.000m Steeples Avinash Sable 8:24.40

Long Jump 1 M Sreeshankar 7.91 (0.8); 2 Yugant Shekhar Singh 7.68 (1.2); 3 Muhammed Anees Yahiya 7.60 (0.7)

Triple Jump-Eldhose Paul 15.80 (0.3)

Shot Put-1 Tajinderpal Sin Toor 20.09; 2 Devinder Singh 18.24

Javelin-1 Neeraj Chopra 88.07 (83.03; x; x; 83.36; 88.07; 82.24); 2 Shiv Pal Singh 81.63; 3 Sahil Silwal 80.65; 4 Rohit Yadav 78.47; 5 Manu D P 75.77; 6 Anil Kumar Rajbhar 72.67


100m (-0,6) Hima Das 11.67

400m 1 Poovamma Raju 54.11; 2 Subha Venkatesan 55.11

800m Poovamma Raju 2:08.60

5.000m Parul Chaudhary 15:48.49

Shot Put-Srishti Vig 16.06

Javelin- 1 Annu Rani 61.98; 2 Sanjana Choudhary 52.54; 3 Kumari Sharmila 50.77

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