Four Meets Record Set In Texas Tech As Nigeria Usoro Was Pipped Into Third

Nigeria triple jump record holder, Ruth Usoro was pipped into the third place by Monae Nichols 6.56m in the long jump. After 6.29m Ruth’s first jump, it was no jump upon no jump; although managed 6.19s in the third jump.

Justin Hall won the long jump men with a jump of 7.84m.

In the pole vault women, meet record was recorded by Ariadni Adamopoulou who vauted 4.37m to take the first place. Another meet record in 800m men won by Juan Diego Castro in 1:48.29s.

In the 400m women, Bailey Lear 51.94s won her last 10m duel with Kaelin Roberts 51.96s. Shorter hurdle, 60h female also produces another meet record from Jasmine Jones 7.98s run over hurdle. Kentre Patterson 7.76s won the male.

The 60m was fast with facility and meet record by Twanisha Terry 7.13s win. Brendon Steward was a winner in the men in 6.58s.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist