World Athletics Medalist Yaroslava Mahuchikh Again Breaks Ukrainian Record

Just two weeks ago when the World Athletics Medalist, Yaroslava Mahuchikh equal the Ukrainian high jump record, the elegant 19 years old has once again delivered.

Yaroslava was challenged by host of high caliber world class high jumpers at Banska Bystrica, city of Slovakia. She won in 2.06m, world lead and Ukrainian new indoor record; just 0.02m short of world record.

Full Results;

High Jump-1 Yaroslava Mahuchikh (ukr) 2.06; 2 Yuliya Levchenko (ukr) 1.96; 3 Karyna Demidik (blr) 1.93; 4 Elena Vallortigara (ita) 1.93; 5 Maja Nilsson (swe) 1.90; 6 Alessia Trost (ita) 1.90; 7 Claire Orcel (bel) 1.90; 8 Sofie Skoog (swe) 1.85; 9 Marusa Cernjul (slo) 1.85; 10 Tatiana Gousin (gre) 1.80; Levern Spencer (lca) 1.80; 12 Tatiana Dunajská 1.80

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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