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Results: Across Argentina Meets

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 21.11.2020


100m (4.1) 1 Franco Florio 10.21; 2 Irha Joel dos santos 10.49; 3 Otilio Rosa 10.59 -no official marks-

3.000m Bernardo Maldonado 8:08.59

Hammer- Joaquín Gómez 71.32


Hammer-1 Jennifer Dahlgren 64.52; 2 Daniela Gómez 61.52

Córdoba (Argentina), 21.11.2020


SP Ignacio Juan Carballo 18.89

Paraná (Argentina), 21.11.2020


Shot Put-u20 (6 kg) Nazareno Sasia 20.45

Discus- u20 (1,75 kg) Nazareno Sasia 59.24


Shot Put-Ailén Armada 15.67

Discus-Ailén Armada 53.20

Burnaby (Canada), 21.11.2020


10.000m 1 Lucas Bruchet 28:17.33; 2 Kieran Lumb 28:17.55; 3 John Gay 28:18.10; 4 Charles Philibert-Thiboutot 28:45.42

20.000m (mixed race) 1 Justin Kent (m) 1h01:01.42; 2 Rachel Cliff (w) 1h11:38.60

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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