South Africa Rademeyer Breaks National U-20 Record

The rising South Africa youth star, 18 years old Kyle Rademeyer who won South Africa Youth Championship last year in his favorite Paarl stadium with 5.30m in pole vault has soared higher above that to break South Africa U-20 record. He vaulted in Paarl again to a new height of 5.54m.

Boksburg (South Africa), 14.11.2020


3.000m Maxime Chaumeton 8:10.09

Shot Put-u18 (5 kg) D J Liebenberg 18.06

Discus-u16 (1 kg) Michael Badenhorst 61.30


Shot Put-u18 (3 kg) Zonica Lindique 16.61

Pretoria (South Africa), 14.11.2020


60m (3.0) 1 Nicholas Ferns 6.65; 2 Rivaldo Roberts 6.74

150m heat 1 (4.3) 1 Duke Kuali 15.38; 2 Rivaldo Roberts 15.44; heat 2 (2.7) Nicholas Ferns 15.45

300m heat 1 Ashwin Jood 33.54; heat 2 Duke Kuali 33.59

1.000m Keletso Mokhonoana 2:23.78

3.000m Ryan Mphahlele 8:09.54

Men u18

300m Dwayne Smith 34.50

600m u18 Garrick Rees 1:21.12

men u16

Discus- (1 kg) Tian Stoltz 58.55

Women u18

150m (2.4) Kayla La Grange 17.74

Long Jump-Joane Gerber 6.09 (3.7)

Javelin- (500 g) McKyla van der Westhuizen 49.47

Women u16

150m (4.4) Menike van den Berg 18.33

Shot Put-(3 kg) Savannah Visser 15.66

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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