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Group Representing All Diamond League Final Called For Reversal of Tokyo Olympics Qualification Freeze

The Euromeetings group has added pressure on World Athletics by asking for reversal of freezing of the Olympics Tokyo 2020 Qualification window.

This group which was founded 1979 by the late organiser of the Zürich Weltklasse, Andreas Brugger, represents all the major meetings on the continent including regular Diamond League final host Brussels, Lausanne, Oslo, London, Ostrava and Stockholm.  

The letter the group wrote reads : “In explaining to our sponsors and supporting institutions the need to stage athletics meetings in 2020, we unfortunately have lost one key argument: the possibility of Olympic qualification.”

“Therefore we are kindly asking you to re-consider the decision that the period for achieving Olympic standards will re-open only after December 1, 2020.”

“Should the overall situation allow for athletics events to take place in autumn 2020, we would like to propose that it be possible for athletes to achieve Olympic qualifying standards.”

“We would suggest that this be possible only at designated events which meet the necessary organisational level and where solid anti-doping operations will be guaranteed.

“We hear many supportive voices for this proposal mainly from our meeting members, but also from athletes, athletes representatives and national Federations”, continues the letter.

“Media and TV broadcasters would also be happy to see events in 2020 include the possibility of Olympic qualification. We fully understand the globality and fairness of the current status but would welcome a little light at the end of the tunnel in 2020.”

“We feel it would be good to keep athletes motivated to train for something and us organisers to prepare our events…In addition we could also consider applying a similar model for example for the World Indoor Championships 2021 qualification procedure.”

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