Former Marathon Record Holder And 2012 Olympics Bronze Medalist Jailed

The police in Kenya town of Iten, was alerted on Friday by member of public over some group of people for flouting curfew imposed to contain covid-19. Wilson Kipsang was among the group arrested in club drinking alcohol and playing pool in flouting the curfew.

The 38 years old former Marathon record holder and 2012 Olympics marathon bronze medalist was subsequently jailed. Wilson who is provincially suspended in January by Athletics Integrity Unit ( AIU) on two breach of rules; was released on bail of 5000 shillings after pleaded guilty in a court.

“Our officers found the athlete and other revelers hiding in a popular club in Iten,” police commander John Mwinzi told The Standard.

“These are high profile individuals who should be helping us in enforcement of the curfew.

“We are asking members of the public to stop abusing our reluctance to use full force during the enforcement of the curfew.”

“We arrested Kipsang and nine others, including one of the administrators of the county at the Keelu Resort club drinking and playing pool at 22:00,” Iten county police commander John Mwinzi said.

This is a very serious offence. These people are respected and they are supposed to lead by example and not breaking the government orders.”

Kenya has imposed a 19:00-05:00 curfew in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Mwinzi has also ordered the arrest of 12 athletes, including two foreigners found training in a group on Monday for disobeying directives on social distance

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