Nigeria Kunle Fasasi Is Missing?

Nigeria former Junior International Adekunle Fasasi is Missing? A less than 1.85m in height with athletics build. Somebody asked where can you get Fasasi if not in Nigeria. A trip to Nigeria, South West and Abuja in particular. It was reported that the last time Adekunle Fasasi was seen in Nigeria was last year July; where he won his first Nigeria 400m title in 46.22s after tensed atmosphere occasioned by disqualification of Paul Dedewo.

Another seach trip to his school in Florida State University, US. We were directed to Fayetteville, Clemson and Columbia.

At Fayetteville, US; it was reported he was seen last on first of February 2017 when he ran 20.96s in the 200m indoor. In Clemson, a reliable source said this talented young man was last seen on the seventh of January, 2017 when he ran 33.09s in 300m indoor to break Nigeria record. Another effort trip to College Station,US;  yes somebody said Kunle is here but that was seen on tenth of March, 2017 when the lanky man ran incredible 400m indoor to almost break Sunday Bada record by running a fast 45.57s.

The last trip was to Columbia,US; there we locate this amicable talented quatermiler man. Adekunle Fasasi has been ”living in Columbia” since twelve of May, 2017 after a less convincing race where he ran 45.95s in the 400m outdoor.

The man who showed a lot promises early in the season. Everybody has already tipped him to run 44s low comfortable this year in the outdoor. But surprisingly he slumbed to injury inflicted loss of form. The almighty Florida quatermiler could not even make it to the NCAA final. It is not clear whether he will feature in the Nigeria Open coming up on 13th of this month.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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