Records Galore In Birmingham With Pavel Taking His Pound Of Flesh On Tapin

Mo Farah shone like a million stars again inside the magnificent Birmingham stadium on Saturday afternoon. A 33 years old, who was running his last indoor  brush aside all opposition; even with hard pushing Bahrain man Albert Rop to win in European record time of 13.9.16s. The four- time Olympics champion set to retire from the track at the end of this year out-door season.

Record breaker Laura Muir did not disappoint.  She won the 1000m convinsingly with another British record of 2.31.93s. That will be her third record set this year, having earlier broke European 3000m indoor record and British 5000m indoor which was held for 25 years by Liz McColgan. But Mo Farah was extremely happy after his win { came seventh last month at the Great Edinburgh Cross Country}and had this to say after the race; “I had amazing support from the crowd today and I can’t quite believe it’s my last indoor race. I knew I needed to do some work after Edinburgh, I had to leave my family but hard work pay off.”

In the 400m, Pavel Maslak shown why he was two time world indoor champion by taken his revenge on Grenada strong man-Bralon Tapin. He then went on to win in 45.89s and pushing a fatigued Bralon to fouth place in 46.38s.

In the 60m female, 100m and 200m 2016 Olympics gold medalist-Elaine Thompson surged to a world leading time of 6.98s ; a bit shy away from world record of 6.92s held by Russian Irina Privalova. The world leader Ronnie Baker held sway in the 60m male , winning in a time of 6.55s beating 40 years old Kim Collins to second position with 6.58s run.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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