Massive Throw By Double American Champion Riley Dolezal ‘Shock- Start’ Shocker Spring

The Wichita, Kansas meet called Shocker Spring Invitation was jilted with some solid performance on Friday (26). The double American Javelin Champion, Riley Dolezal gave a real ‘shock-start’ performance by throwing a massive 80.62m to win. Karie Wolfe took the female in 52.82m.

Results: 26-27.3.2021 -Shocker Spring Invintational-


1.500m (26) Zack Penrod 3:50.75

Hammer- Michael Bryan 66.72

Javelin-1 Riley Dolezal 80.62; 2 Benji Phillips 72.56; 3 Austin Schmidt 70.95; 4 Taran Taylor 68.72


1.500m (26) 1 Jennie Baragar-Petrash (can) 4:25.39; 3 Annika Rotvold 4:28.90; 3 Kassidy Johnson 4:29.51; 4 Yazmine Wright 4:31.98

Hammer-1 Maddy Nilles 67.19; 2 Helene Ingvaldsen (nor) 66.22; 3 Shelby Gunnells 62.94; 4 Tasha Willing (can) 58.93

Javelin- Kari Wolfe 52.84

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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