Ghanian Joseph Amoah Double Win In Norfolk

Virginia Beach, Norfolk State Invitation really favour the Ghanaian international, Joseph Amoah as he got double win on Friday to win 60m and 200m. He recorded 6.61sin 60m and 20.78s in 200m. Nigeria star, Chidi Okezie improved to 6.79s in the 60m and 21.07s in 200m.

Full Results;


60m 1 Joseph Amoah (gha) 6.61; 2 Anthony Franklin 6.74; 3 Joseph Manu (gha) 6.76 (6.74 1h8); 4 Jeremy Bascom (guy) 6.78; 5 Chidi Okezie (ngr) 6.79

200m Joseph Amoah (gha) 20.79 1h18; Chidi Okezie (ngr) 21.07 2h18

400m Abayie Opuni (gha) 48.31 1h12

60mh Trey Holloway 7.78

Long Jump- Glenn Butler 7.58


60m 1 Kiara Grant (jam) 7.25; 2 DaJah Parker-Love 7.37; 3 Latifa Ali (gha) 7.47; 4 Aiyanna Stiverne (can) 7.54

200m Kiara Grant (jam) 23.68 1h10; DaJah Parker-Love 23.90 1h9

400m Gia Trevisan (ita) 54.00 1h9; 2 Yanique Haye-Smith (jam) 54.78 2h9; Brooke Overholt 54.05 3h9

800m Brooke Fazio 2:06.50 1h2

High Jump-Amina Smith 1.85

Pentathlon Beatrice Juskeviciuté (ltu) 3.892p (8.88; 1.63; 13:15; 5.34; 2:22.10)

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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