Word Athletics Medalist Yaroslava On Impressive Jump In Udine Jump

The world junior record holder and world high jump silver medalist, 19 years old, Ukrainian, Yaroslava Mahuchikh was in class of form on Wednesday (27) at Udine Jump Development.

Yaroslava delivered a sweet performance after soaring 2.00m, to follow her terrific form she carried 9 days ago when she equal her own Ukrainian indoor high jump record with world leading height of 2.02m.

Full Results:



High Jump- 1 Andriy Protsenko (ukr) 2.28; 2 Luis Enrique Zayas (cub) 2.24; 3 Luis Castro (pur) 2.20; 4 Eugenio Meloni 2.16; 5 Donald Thomas (bah) 2.15; 6 Andreas Steinmetz (aut) 2.12; 7 Lionel-Affan Strasser (aut) 2.08


High Jump-1 Yaroslava Mahuchikh (ukr) 2.00; 2 Alessia Trost 1.93; 3 Marusa Cernjul (slo) 1.86; 4 Elena Vallortigara 1.86; 5 Erika Furlani 1.82; 6 Bara Sjadokov√° (cze) 1.82; 7 Marta Morara 1.82; 8 Rebecca Pavan 1.82; 9 Idea Pieroni (2002) 1.82; 10 Panagiota Dosi (gra) 1.78; 11 Monika Podlogar (slo) 1.74

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