Goteborg Good Showing For Swedish Khaddi Sagnia In 60m

The 2010 Olympics Youth Games triple jump gold medalist, Swedish Khaddi Sagnia, a long jump specialist decided to changed gear to 60m at Goteborg Indoor Meet on Sunday (17).

Following impressive 6.69s Henrik Larsson 60m win, Sagnia nearly erase 7.13s Linda Haglund Swedish 60m record since 12 March 1978 as she came through in impressive 7.26s.

Full Results-

Göteborg (Sweden), 17.1.2021



60m A 1 Henrik Larsson 6.69; 2 Thobias Montler 6.84

400m A 1 Carl Bengström 47.01; 2 Karl Wällgren 48.24

60mh 1 Petter Gustafsson 7.93; 2 Elias Martinsson 8.01


60m A 1 Khaddi Sagnia 7.26; 2 Irene Ekelund 7.51; 3 Lisa Lilja 7.60

200m A 1 Elvira Tanderud (2004) 24.22; 2 Lisa Lilja 24.23

60mh 1 Julia Winnersten 8.42 (8.42 1h1); 2 Tilde Johansson 8.45; 3 Amanda Holmberg 8.59; in heats: … Mari Klaup (est) 8.70 2h2

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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