Chinese Breaks World Record In 4×100m Medley Mixed Relay In National Day’s Swimming Championship

Great excitement rent the air in Chinese Swimming Team as the National day championship produces a world record and several Asian and national record.

Since the outbreak, the Chinese team has conducted three intra-team championship in March, May and July, with all producing impressive performance.  

But the National day’s event brought out outstanding results, which was conducted on the evening of October 1st. The Chinese 4×100m mixed medley relay team rewrote the world record of 3:38.56 set by the American players at the 2017 Budapest World Championships with a time of 3:38.41.

  Xu Jiayu, who was at the forefront, shed tears: “Our expectation is to break the world record, but we can’t say it in advance. Only after the results come out, everyone sees it. We did it! Team competitions can better reflect China’s strength. It can be on the National Day. It’s a great honor to break the world record on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival!”

In addition to the quatet that set a world record, Xu Jiayu’s 100-meter backstroke performance erased his personal best recorded on his way to victory at the World Championships last year. A real Chinese swimming best hope for gold in the Tokyo Olympics.

The 22-year-old Zhang Yufei was the big winner of her event, leaving her name from national records to become Asian record holder. She broke through the 56-second mark for the first time in the main women’s 100-meter butterfly race in 55.62s, only 0.14 seconds away from the world record. This is also the second fastest time in history, breaking the Asian record held by Liu Zige for 11 years. 

Zhang Yufei’s 100-meter butterfly stroke thus became a new breakthrough point for Chinese swimming in the Tokyo Olympics. She also accidentally broke the national record in the 100-meter freestyle in the secondary event.

  Guangdong team star Yu Hexin set a national record for men’s 50m freestyle in the preliminary round on the first day of the competition.

  Zhejiang medley master Wang Shun maintained a high standard, and his 400m and 200m medley performances were close to his personal best. And Ye Shiwen, Fu Yuanhui, Tan Haiyang, Yu Jingyao and other famous players all reached the Olympic A standard, but missed the final because of their physical fitness points. Fortunately, Jingyao and Ye Shiwen each won a chance in the finals and successfully won the gold medal.

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