Reigning World Champion Brazier Continues His Blazing Form In Big Friendly 3

The World reigning 800 Champion and American record holder, Donavan Blazier continue his blazing form on Friday 31 at Oregon in the Big Friendly 3 Meet.

Although Blazier could not break his American record as targeted, but he produced another scintilating time to shot to the world lead with time of 1:43.84.

Full Results;

800 men

1-Donavan Brazier- Nike 1:43.84 2-Drew Windle-Brooks Beast-1.49.64

3-Daniel Maton -Unattached- 1:53.99-

-Derek Holdsworth- Unattached

800 female

1-Chanelle PriceOregon- Track Club Elite-2:01.71

2-Nia Akins -Brooks Beast 2:02.07

3-Brenda Martinez-New Balance 2:02.81

4-Sabrina Southerland -Oregon Track Club Elite-2:03.43

5-Susan Ejore -Unattached-2:04.34

6-Marlena Preigh Unattached-2:05.89

7-Sadi Henderson- Little Wing Athletics-2:06.51

3000 female

1-Mel Lawrence- Little Wing Athletics-9:04.78

2-Allie Shadler Unattached-9:10.93

3-Katie Rainsberger Unattached-9:20.38

4-Carrie Mack Little Wing Athletics-9:28.91.

3000 Male

1-Suguru Osako Nike-7:54.49

2-Garrett Heath -Brooks Beast-7:54.79

3-Logan Orndorf Unattached-8:07.75

4-Hassan Mead Oregon Track Club Elite-8:08.97

-Craig Engels -Nike DNF

Mixed 4×400

1-Nike ‘A’ 3:28.00

2-Oregon Track Club Elite ‘A’-3:28.79

3-Brooks Beast ‘A’-3:33.57

-Little Wing Athletics ‘A’ DNF 

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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