Result:Marietta -Ga- (United States), 25.7.2020


100m (0.2) Kieran Showler-Davis (gbr) 10.76-400m h1 1 Champ Page 46.62; 2 David Kendziera 46.89; h2 1 Justin Brooks 47.14; 2 Robert Gregory 47.41110mh (0.1) LaFranz Campbell 14.44PV A John Prader 5.33PV B Scott Houston 5.33LJ Tyrone Smith (ber) 7.68 (-0.2)TJ  Chris Carter 16.17 (0.1)


100m (0.1) Aiyanna Stiverne (can) 11.99200m (0.1) Aiyanna Stiverne (can) 24.08800m 1 Natoya Goule (jam) 2:00.43; 2 Laurie Barton 2:05.72100mh (0.0) 1 Danielle Williams (jam) 13.23; 2 Trishauna Hemmings (jam) 13.54300mh Leah Nugent (jam) 39.81PV 1 Natalie Uy (phi) 4.11; 2 Marissa Kelsey 4.11; 3 Megan Zimlich 4.11LJ 1 Keturah Orji 6.68 (0.0); 2 Sabina Allen 6.37 (0.1)TJ Keturah Orji 14.14 (0.2)

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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