World Leading And Continental Record Throw In Vila Nova do Cerveira

Like an unannounced thunderbolt, the South America Champion and Discus Record Holder, Columbia Mauricio Alexander Ortega took his discus to another giant step on Wednesday 22, in the Portuguese Meet inside titan track in Vila Nova do Cerveira.

The 90kg heavy Columbia broke his South America record by throwing a whopping 70.29 world leading mark to win.

Another Ecuadorian Record was also set by Ecuandor record holder, Juan Caicedo who followed Ortega pace to throw massive 69.60.

Full Results

Vila Nova do Cerveira (Portugal), 22.7.2020


Discus-1 Mauricio Ortega (col) 70.29; 2 Juan Caicedo (ecu) 69.60; 3 Filipe Vital Silva 53.11

Hammer-Antonio Vital e Silva 69.49

Hammer- u20 (6 Kg) Yago Araujo (esp) 67.23

Hammer- u18 (5 kg) Eric Mendez (esp) 64.12

Javelin-Leandro Ramos 73.33


Discus- 1 Irina Rodrigues 60.03; 2 Melanie Pigeon (fra) 49.78

Hammer-Valeria Chiliquinga (col) 63.92

Javelin-Lidia Parada (esp) 49.44

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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