What German Fastest Woman Learnt During Lockdown

Gina Luckenkemper, the Germany fastest woman bear her mind in an interview with Bild on how she coped with training in the lockdown and how she was able to build her own fitness studio at home.

On how the 23 year old European Silver Medalist train during the lockdown. She said, “at the beginning I did my drag resistance runs when I pull a sled with a weight of 20 kilos behind me in Bamberg on the canal. A family with a small company saw me and then offered me that I could do my training in their garden to have at least some rest and not to be stared at in a tour.

“At the same time, we have tried to set up our own weight room at home so that we can train independently of fitness studios in the future. It has now been completed with the help of friends and companies and is my pride and joy. My own, 25 square meter gym, in the back yard of our apartment”.

Gina who was formerly coach by Ulrich Kunst, explained how she was connecting to her current coach, Lance Brauman who is in Florida, for training.

“We keep in touch via WhatsApp and email. My trainer always sends me a training plan at the beginning of the week. I then get in touch with him every day with updates on how things went and send him videos from the training session to receive feedback. I really miss training in the group. Expecially when speed runs are on the schedule. They are just more fun in a group. 

“My training plans have been adapted to the situation. At first it was a little difficult for Coach Brauman to understand exactly what is happening here in Germany, but my training group in the United States got into a similar situation pretty quickly. Then we focused more on the basics and general fitness.

On Malaika Mihambo’s (Germany’s long jump world champion’s) move to the United States? 

“I don’t want to judge that. We are individual athletes in athletics, and every athlete has to go his own way.”

Speaking any positive things from the coronavirus period?

“Yes, absolutely. I have spent more time at home with Corona than I have in a long time. This also enabled me to spend a lot more time with my friend Stefan. The situation was different for my family and my horse Picasso, which I had not seen for two months,” Hamm born Gina concluded.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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