UEFA Releases Relief Fund To It’s Members

In other to support its members to respond in ways that are appropriate to their specific circumstances during this coronavirus pandemic; the UEFA has come forward to release €236.5 million (£206.2 million/$256.1 million) .

The money comes from UEFA’s HatTrick fund, an assistance programme usually used for the development of the sport and to help members cover costs.

However, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said the “unprecedented challenge” posed by coronavirus meant UEFA members should be able to use this funding as they desire.

The UEFA Executive Committee approved lifting restrictions on how HatTrick money can be used, meaning each of the governing body’s 55 members can now receive a €4.3 million (£3.7 million/$4.7 million) handout.

“Our sport is facing an unprecedented challenge brought about by the COVID-19 crisis,” Čeferin said. 

“As a result, we have agreed that up to €4.3m per association, paid for the remainder of this season and next, as well as part of the investment funding, can be used as our members see fit to rebuild the football community.

“I believe this is a responsible decision to help as much as we can; and I am proud of the unity that football is showing throughout this crisis.”

With UEFA members ranging greatly in size, €4.3 million (£3.7 million/$4.7 million) will go a lot further for some organisations than others.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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