Justin Gatlin Reaction To Tokyo Olympics Postponement

Twice 100m World Champion and 2004 Olympics 100m Champion, Justin Gatlin has vowed to be in postponed Olympics Games next year despite he’s earlier plan to retire after 2020 Olympics. The 38-year-old USA track star tells TMZ plans change, ’cause he ain’t quittin’ before takin’ another crack at gold … thanks to some inspiration from Tom Brady.

LEGENDARY sprinter — who has a total of life athletics medals of 9 gold, 9 silver and 2 bronze said he’s not retiring yet. “The goal will be to compete in the 2021 Summer Olympics”.

“I think a lot of people think that time is against me or against older athletes in this situation, and it’s far from the truth.”

“Fact is, almost no track athletes remain elite into their late 30s. Usain Bolt retired at 31 years old … and lost to JG in is last race. So, Gatlin is a freak of nature”.

“My educated guess is yes, [I can win gold in 2021].”

Gatlin continued … “It won’t be that big of a difference from being 38 to 39. But, I always said, ‘I’m not running ’til I’m 40.’ I was so hard on myself with not running ’til I’m 40, and now it looks like I’m pushing close to 40, and I’m gonna still be running.”

“Uh, [retiring after 2021 is] a possibility, I’m gonna see,” Gatlin says … “All this Tom Brady news that’s going on right now, it’s giving me a lot of hope to say, ‘Ya know, maybe a 40-year-old Justin Gatlin on the track won’t be that crazy.'”

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