Wayde van Niekerk Reacts To Tokyo Olympics Postponement

The World 400m record holder and Olympics Champion, Wayde Van Niekerk received the news of Tokyo Olympics postponement with mixed feeling. On one breath, he see it as a ‘drowner’ while in another ; he see it as a relief and opportunity to recover fully from knee injury he suffered in 2017 during ceremonial rugby match.

He had just started his competitive comeback in the last few months, giving some impressive performance. He ran 10.10s in 100m few weeks ago.

I’m trying to see the positive in it,” Van Niekerk was quoted by South Africa’s Daily Maverick on Wednesday.

“I view it as more time to prepare, more time to work and more time to invest in my career. Tokyo is just another stepping stone to the entire legacy that I want to leave behind”, he continued.

He added: “This gives me more time to work and strengthen myself to be in even better shape for the Olympic Games”.

“As much as it is a downer that it’s not happening this year, it will still happen. There is another opportunity for us as athletes to showcase our talent”, he adds.