Ighalo In ‘Coronavirus Limbo’

The Nigerian forward Odion Ighalo has made a promising start to his career at Old Trafford, scoring four times in all competitions since joining the club on a deadline day loan from Chinese side Shanghai Shenhua. But the suspension of the Premier League season until the start of May has now put his contract in precarious situation.

Ighalo’s stay at United ends on June 30, but it has been suggested that the Premier League might not finish until July – or even later – when he would be ineligible to play. This has created a huge questions mark on what become of him; just like any other players who will be out of contract by then.

Asked about his contract situation, Ighalo told The Sun: ‘Talking about other things now will not only be selfish but terribly insensitive. I don’t even think about it. The challenge before us now is not a football one, but a global one”.

“You can’t put football before health challenges. What matters right now is to keep safe and pray for those battling with the virus to recover fully. This is another reminder for us to share love in this world. Continue to show kindness to one another because a problem facing one is a problem to all”, he concluded in an interview with the Sun.

By discernsportblog

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