Rio Ferdinand Admitted To Be Wrong Over Ighalo

Manchester United Legend Rio Ferdinand has joined the growing number of pundits who has eaten their word over what Odion Ighalo can bring to the club. Ferdinand admitted he was wrong, says the Nigeria international hold-ups play, offer the side something that neither Anthony Martial not Marcus Rashford can provide. He added that he has been won over by the Nigeria because he offers a different dimension to both Rashford and Martial.

“People and myself included were probably thinking Odion Ighalo, where does he fit into in all of this. But what he does bring is a point where they can focus and play into him from the midfield. He offers the platform to run off. Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial want the ball in behind and not to bring people in. When the ball gets played into him, if Rashford or Martial were there they wouldn’t have made themselves available like that”, he said.

Odion Ighalo has now scored 3 goals from two start for the Red Devil’s with a brace over Derby County on yesterday’s night in the 3-0 FA Cup win. He has now dumfounded british public opinion and his clear love for the club has endeared him to supporters who have already taken him into their hearts.

By discernsportblog

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