Shelly-Ann Fraser Said Bolt Retired Too Early

Few days ago, Usain Bolt the 8 times Olympics gold medalist dropped a hint that he may come out of retirement. But his fellow former athlete who lives very close to his house in Jamaica Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce felt he quit too early. She reckoned he could have dug deep to extend his love affair with athletics instead of bidding it adieu.

” He Bolt does miss the track, he was in football, now he is a producer, he is singing and I was like, sir you could have channel all this energy into tract” she said during a media interaction hours before the Laurus Award Ceremony.

The 3 times Olympics gold medalist also mentioned that Bolt must be thinking like “I am tired and I don’t want to do it anymore”. May be this was his opportunity to dig deeper and deeper than he thought he could. I told him that you miss it but he says “no, you are doing it for all of us”.

The 33 years old ends by saying no one can replace Bolt, because Bolt is Bolt. ” I think in athletics we should less to see who will occupy his place but should speak of next talent that will come to the forefront and create a new era and bring a new vision, revitalize it”, she said.


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