Chronicle Of Nigeria Athletics Doping Infraction

Taking performance enhancing drug is something most people thought can never happened in Nigerian Athletics circle or atmost may be among foreign based athletes; definitely not among the home based. So when the news that some Nigerians sprinters were tested positive filtered in; it came as a big surprise which exploded like a hidding exploded land mines in the year 1992. These came after a successive and impressive preparation of the success hungry home based athletes for the Barcelonia 1992 Olympics by the late Alhaji A.K. Amun led Amatuer athletics Federation Of Nigeria as its was called then.

The year 1992 was a year the foreign athletes were totally disgraced by their younger Nigeria base athletes counterpart at the Mobil All Nigeria Athletics Championship. From 100m women, Chioma Ajuma brought the defending champion Mary Onyali to the earth by running 10.81s while Charity Opara dazzled in 400m with late Sunday Bada in 400m men and with Daniel Effiong causing a lot of troubles in 100m men. But when everybody was jubilating then came the bang–3 Olympics bound athletes tested positive. Then when the result of sample B came out, Daniel Phillip(Effiong) sample B was negative but the other 2 female were not lucky, Chioma Ajunma and Charity Opara(the leading 400m in the World in that year

). They were then handed 4 years ban. There was a big shout from the home based camp who thought the whole things was a set-up to discredit Ajunwa because she got the defending champion- Mary Onyali beaten hands down. But the authority was later proven right when Chioma Ajunwa and Daniel Phillip (Effiong) later in their career tested positive.

By discernsportblog

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