The umbrella body of vast energetic youth of Nigerian represented by Nigeria athletes are battle ready to stop the menace of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

But before they can swing into action, there are few things the authority need to put in place.

Firstly, athletes rewarding system need to be changed especially after the athletes has excelled or winning laurel at International competition. Those athletes suppose to be handsomely rewarded no matter the age to sensitize other youth into provoking jealous of pressure to embrace sport; and also see sports as noble pathway to make it in life by diminishing lure to join group like Boko Haram.

Athletes grant needed to be taken seriously, especially to the local athletes. This action will go a long way in producing a legion of World class athletes all over the face of Nigeria. These will bring birth to a lot of young role models which majority of youth can identify with; ultimately turning their attention from luring temptation of joining crime or Boko Haram.

Reshaping and Refocusing hosting of International competition.The focus should be on how to get local athletes to the world standard level. This can be achieved by putting local young athletes in camp with a world class coaches prior to staging of the competition like Governor’s cup for Tennis and Lagos Marathon for long distance race. That is why none of our youth can boast of any role model of world standard level in Lawn Tennis and Many Marathon race staged every year despite the huge amount spent to organise them.

Endorsement of athletes need to be encouraged. Government should take the lead by using athletes to drum home their programs that will encourage different company to use them for their difference advert; this will go a long way to equipped the youth financially ultimately rescue the jobless youth from the lure of Boko Haram.

Finally, increasing investment in sports will help the nation to tap one of the greatest positive role of sports; unification of different tribes by bringing different youth from different states and culture together thereby help to spread unity tone of tolerance across length and breath of the country. Thereby deny the Boko Haram of spreading divisive lying which is their tools of recruitment.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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