Elaine Thompson Wins London League With Training Shoes While A Bulgarian Ran Sub-Ten

The Jamaica double Olympics champion Elaine Thompson showed why she will be difficult to beat by anybody for now when on Sunday in London Diamond League;  she ran the final 100m with training shoes which significantly cut down the speed of her foot work.

She eventually won in 10.94s to beat Dafne Schipper 10.97s and Blessing Okagbare 10.99s. But it was still not clear why she ran with training shoes instead of her spikes. The men race was dominated by British of Nigeria extraction; Chijindu Ujah 10.02s and James Dasaolu 10.06s. The 200m men was won by an American Ameer Webb 20.13s followed by America 400m champion Fred Kerley 20.24s. The 400m hurdle was won by an America Kerron Clement in a fast 48.02s.

Elsewhere, the Bulgarian 100m and 200m record holder Ramil Guliyav has become the second white man after Christophe Lemaitre to break 10s barrier. Ramil, an Azerbaijani Turkish 27 years old sprinter blasted legal 9.97s on Thursday at Bursa during the Turkish Super League. He has also gone sub-20s in 200m when he ran 19.88s in 2015.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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