Usain Bolt To Visit “Witch Doctor” To Win His Last World Championship

The Legend and mutiple Olympics gold medalist Usain Bolt stemming from his usual lack of early form which was  shown in his two outing this season. The first sluggish 10.03s in Jamaica and 10.06s run in Czech Republic. He is now set to visit a controversial Germany “witch”doctor to treat his back problem. The name of the doctor is Hans-Wilhelm Muller Wohlfahrt.

Bolt has been visiting this doctor{ know much for his strange homepathic practice than his trained orthopaedics practice} since he was 16 years old. Most time Bolt uses this doctor before almost every major championship. Last year Bolt visited the same doctor before the Rio Olympics to fix his strain hamstring. He later even thank the doctor publicly after leaving the London 2012 Olympics with three gold medals.

The 75 years old celebrity Sport doctor Dr Wohlfahrt; who used to be Bayer Munich Foot ball club’s doctor from April 1977 to April 2015. He is known for something he calls infiltration which involve preparing and injecting Hyalant, honey or actovegin amino acid concoction extracted from blood of veal calves to injury site. Aside from tending to Bolt’s injuries, he also analyzes his sprinting form during track workouts and help to adjust mechanics of his posture to prevent injury and improve perfomance.

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