Athletics Gambler From US To Jamaica And Nigeria

The best US athletics gambler is Allyson Felix. A former 400m world champion, instead of trying her luck in her comfortable 400m at US trial decided to abandon 400m for 100m and 200m. At the 100m, she came last and in 200m final she could not even feature. Then La shan Merrit the former 400m champion also gambled by decided to run in the 200m instead of 400m. he was eliminated in the heat. Tyson Gay and Wallance Spearmon both former world champion gambled with their form and integrity to feature in the 2017 US trial and they were both disgraced by crashing out in the preliminary. The collegiate athlete Deajah Stevens was luck in the gambling despite been disqualified in 200m both in indoor and outdoor NCAA final but still managed to win 200m and second place in the 100m at the US trial. The 200m world leader and 100m Olympics silver medalist Tori Bowie has decided not to do double at forth coming London world championship.

In Jamaica, the multiple olympics medalist and number four in 100m world ranking with 10.84s this year Veronica Cambell decided to opt out of Jamaica trial after feeling unusual tightness on her hamstring. Likewise Asafa Powel withdrawing from 100m final after been troubled by achille tendon problem.

The big athletics gambler in Nigeria track and field is Paul Dedewo. The athlete who could not represent Nigeria at the Olympics because he could not run the standard. Only to hit form this year by well beating the standard both in 200m and 400m. But he’s not longer eligible to run for Nigeria for now after represented US at the world relay. But at US trial, he could not even make it to the final talk less of making the team.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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