Duplantis Breaks Swedish Record But Bengtsson Surprised British Bradshaw In Lausanne

The world indoor pole vault record holder, Armand Duplantis has put into gear what he started with early in the year when he broke the world record. At Lausanne on Wednesday 2, he towered above all pole vault giant to vault a new Swedish record of 6.07m. The American Champion, Sam Kendricks was second in impressive 6.02m.

In the female, Swedish Angelica Bengtsson surprised British Holly Bradshaw to win in 4.72m to Holly 4 64m.



PV 1 Armand Duplantis (swe) 6.07; 2 Sam Kendricks (usa) 6.02; 3 Thiago Braz (bra) 5.72; 4 Renaud Lavillenie (fra) 5.72; 5 Cole Walsh (usa) 5.62; 6 Thibaut Collet (fra) 5.62; 7 Chris Nilsen (usa) 5.62; 8 Pawel Wojciechowski (pol) 5.62; 9 Claudio Michel Stecchi (ita) 5.52


PV 1 Angelica Bengtsson (swe) 4.72; 2 Holly Bradshaw (gbr) 4.64; 3 Angelica Moser 4.64; 4 Michaela Meijer (swe) 4.64; 5 Marion Lotout (fra) 4.54; 6 Andrina Hodel 4.34; Robeilys Peinado (ven) 4.32; 8 Romana Malacová (cze) 4.17

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