Quick Race For Bolt As He Wins In Monaco

The World Fastest man and athletics legend Usain Bolt troubled his contender and doubter again with his cool run in the Monaco Diamond League  few minutes ago. He won the 100m in a cool 9.95s ;the first time he will go under 10s this season. He beat American Young Isaiah-9.98s, Simbine Akani-10.02s and Ujah Chijindu-10.02s. The other results are:

400m Male

  1. Van Wayde     —43.73s{SA|

  2. Makwala Isaac–43.84s{BOT|

  3. Thebe Baboloki–4426s{BOT}

400m Hurdles

  1. Carter Kor —53.36s{USA}

  2. Little Shamion—54.02s{USA}

  3. Russell Janieke—54.38s{JAM}

  4. Doyle Eilidyn—54.75s{GBR}

200m Female

  1. Ta Lou Marie Josee–22.25s{CIV}

  2. Jefferson Kyra—-22.42s{USA}

  3. Asher- Smith- Dina-22.89s{GBR}

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